Thursday, June 18, 2009

Farm Changes

Our horses came to us about four years ago. I have loved them dearly, but we didn't spend the time with them that they require. A few days ago we gave them to a wonderful family. I knew it was pleasing to the Lord to bless these girls in this manner. I also knew it would be good for the horses. We loaded them up in the stock trailer and Michael and Jacob drove them to their new home. I remained home to dry my tears. I do miss them, but I know that this is the best for them. Plus, they have a wonderful new family with two teenage girls who will spend ample time with them.

The other change came this week wasn't so pleasing to me. We have had a hard time keeping our sheep on our property. One of our neighbors doesn't mind a few sheep in his field. I think he likes them, but the other neighbor apparently did mind. He wasn't the kindest person concerning this matter. We knew we didn't have enough time to rebuild the fence, and we couldn't guarantee that the sheep would never wander onto his property again. So we sold them all. I cried myself to sleep that night. I miss them dearly. Our farm sounds so quiet. At times I look out to the pastures and it doesn't seem like a farm any more. In my mind, farm equals lots and lots of animals. Now all that we have are 50 chickens and 3 beef cows and 2 jersey cows. Well don't forget the English Mastiff and the Border Collie!

It seems to me that we have taken a step backwards. My husband on the other hand is breathing a sigh of relief. The farm has been a lot for him to handle with a full time job. We have put so much effort into the farm this past year that we have let the house go. It is time to switch gears and finish renovating our home. I am happy about this, but I still want my sheep back!

grace and peace,


Marci said...

Oh Julie, I am so sorry. I had to watch as our goats were sold. I cried too. Then last year I had to get rid of most of my sheep. Big hugs to you my friend!!!

Paige said...

Awww...I'm so sorry... That has to be so hard. When are you planning to build your herd back up?

Oh and I'm so excited to hear about how much Seth's eyes have improved! What a blessing! :)

Lynn Bartlett said...

I feel for you. We too are at a sort of crossroads, having to reevaluate what we are doing. We currently have 17 goats, milking 5, and have yet to figure out what we will do with all of them. Last fall we added an old horse and a cow, and because of them we just about ran out of hay before the fields started growing. Lots to think about, and decide what direction we are going with gardens and animals. I'm beginning to feel more than a bit burned out with everything. Farming sure is a lot of work; but then, the rewards are also there as well.

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you for your kind words. Hope the house selling picks up for ya'll!

Thanks... I don't know that we will ever get sheep again unless we can produce our own hay. We might just get a few for our own consumption, but I fall in love with them so it makes it hard to think about eating them. Now Seth's eyes is were our true celebration is. I can't tell you how excited I am about the progress! This has been life changing for him. Hope has said that you are super busy at the moment. I pray that all is going well for you. I miss you and your family. I would love to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy some time with your mom. Send them my love.

I understand your situation...after all, we have lived it. For us, we realized that we were spending a lot of money but not reaping much from it. That is when we decided it was time to cut back. I miss all the animals terribly, but at least I am not worried that they are on the neighbor's property anymore. My husband has felt a great relief from the downsizing. You can just see the look in his face that he is relieved. Plus, he is now working on the house again instead of on fencing. Hope you find what works best for you and your family!

grace and peace,

Mountain Mama said...

Oh my! No sheep. I am already missing them with you. So sorry, my friend.