Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Gifts from the Heart

As I shared in an earlier post, I try to think about gift giving with gifts from the heart in mind. I focus a lot on the kitchen aspect of gift giving because that is where I spend so much of my daily time. We as a family also spend a lot of time in the work shop. Over the past several years, Michael has created some fabulous holiday gifts. I think the one that was the most treasured was a gift that he made for my mom. My mom loves to plant flowers and herbs. She always potted flowers on her patio sitting on the ground. Michael made her a beautiful potting bench that has truly been her pride and joy. She decorates it every summer, and she now has a great location to repot flowers or display her herbs. One year Michael made gift trays. They were serving trays that could be used in a wide variety of ways. We filled the trays with natural straw like material. We added fresh baked goods to some of the trays. Other of the trays were filled with candles or soap. We made one tray as a "Family Game tray" complete with hot coco mix, cards, sweet goodies, and several different types of card games. This was a great gift for the whole family. We have made bird houses to be used as gifts as well as picture frames. Be creative and think about what the person you are wanting to give a gift to really likes. Go from there. Michael's mother received some special quilts from her mother. These quilts were really very special to her so Mihcael made his mom a beautiful quilt stand. She was thrilled to display her quilts on a stand made by her son.

It is so much easier to run to the mall or Walmart and purchase a quick gift. It doesn't take much thought. Instead it just requires some money which you may or may not have. Instead take an inventory of who you are purchasing for this year. Think about what he or she really enjoys, and make something special for that person. I would love to learn how to knit for this very reason. My most treasured baby gifts have been the ones that were hand made for me. They truly are priceless in my heart.

Sadly for our family this year there just hasn't been time to be in the shop and create these special gifts. I am hoping that after the first of the year Michael will be able to make our daughter a cradle for her special baby doll. We had wanted this to be a gift for her this Christmas, but due to his work schedule it just wasn't possible. I think she will still love it just the same if it shows up in her room sometime after the first of the year as a "I just love you gift". I am thinking that maybe for her next Christmas the boys and Dad can make a wooden doll house for her complete with furniture. I doubt that there is any way that it could be a surprise, but we will just have to see what we can work out!

grace and peace,


Jerry Reynolds said...

I’m truly empathic to Mike’s time at work as I also have been putting long hours. Maybe it will let up soon although for some reason I don’t think so.

TnFullQuiver said...

Michael says it will end soon after the Christmas break. I am not holding my breath at that one, but for us time is much more valuable than money.

good to hear from you.
grace and peace,