Monday, December 11, 2006

Bounty from the Farm

I am still on the theme of gifts from the heart, and what better gift than sharing some of the bounty from your farm. I spent many hours this summer making applesauce, apple butter, blackberry jam, and other yummy canned goods. These are always a wonderful spare of the moment gift. I purchase extra baskets when I find good deals, and then I can put a farm basket together quickly. If I have extra time, I may bake a loaf of bread to add to the basket. I also use our honey as special gifts. During the canning season, I pick up small jars and then I have little gifts to give to the piano teacher or the Sunday school teacher. I always include a loaf of homemade bread with my small jar of honey. If I know somebody loves honey butter, I will also include honey butter in the gift. Be creative and look and see what you have extra stored on your pantry shelf. We send gifts to friends that live out of town. If I do a farm basket for them, I also include a picture of the kids while they are picking the items needed for the basket. We have lots of pictures of the children picking apples or extracting honey with their Dad. I will write a note about the day, and this gives the person receiving the gift a small glimpse into our children's life on the farm.

I had hoped to have our soap ready for gift giving, but we were several weeks behind in production. Oh well, it will be there for other gift giving occasions. I am also wanting to learn how to make soy candles next year so our family can enjoy them as well as making wonderful gifts.

I have a happy note to share about the farm and our third son, Jacob. Jacob and his Daddy did the farm chores this morning. Jacob told his Dad that we need to get more animals because he wanted more outside chores to do. I about fell over at this announcement, but I know what his true heart is. Jacob likes doing any type of outside work WITH his dad. I know that over the Christmas break Michael and Jacob along with the other boys will be working on repairing our fences. Yes, Cheri, we will get that cow off your hands as soon as possible!!!

I have already started working on Michael's honey do list. He gets 11 days off over the Christmas holiday. We will have to balance work on the farm and playing at the house. As long as we have a good plan, we usually get both done quite nicely during his Christmas break.

grace and peace,

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