Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hot Apple Cider Recipe

Before you attempt to make my Hot Apple Cider recipe, you need a cold, dreary day like the one in the above picture.  This is the perfect setting for a nice cup of cider.  Hope you enjoy!

Hot Apple Cider

Place 18-20 whole cloves and 4 cinnamon sticks in a cheesecloth.  (On occasions that I haven't had a cheesecloth, I have just placed the cloves and cinnamon sticks in the cider without putting them in the cheesecloth.  When it is time to take them out of the liquid, I use a slotted spoon. It is a bit more trouble, but it works when I am in a pinch).

In a large stock pot, add 1 gallon apple cider, 1cup mild honey (This makes the cider very sweet.  If you don't like things very sweet, you may want to cut back on the honey), and 1/2 cup orange juice.  Add the whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. 

Heat slowly until hot. Simmer 30 minutes.  Let stand 2 to 3 hours before serving.  After an hour, remove spices so the cider doesn't get bitter. 

I sometimes make this cider in my crock pot if I am hosting a large gathering.  Refrigerate any leftovers.  Reheat to enjoy.  Take a mug of Hot Apple Cider to the front porch with a good book and enjoy the beauty of fall!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

THANK YOU!!! Hubby & I picked 7 bushels today, LOL!!!

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