Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Happy Gift

I was sitting at my school desk one morning this past week when I heard a sweet voice say, "Julie."  I looked up and saw  a friend that I just met several weeks ago.  She had this GREAT garden bag in her hand as a gift for me.  I was so surprised!

When I turned the bag around, I saw that she had filled the other pockets with all sorts of school supplies for my classroom!  She wrote me a special card with a very kind note, and this gift just made my day.  I smiled each time I looked over at my desk and saw it. 

Thank you, Marcy for such a kind gesture.  You just have no idea how much this meant to me!

grace and peace,


Concetta said...

You impress people so much with your generous heart and gracious ways - it is no wonder that you would have gifts bestowed upon you! You are an amazing perosn and well loved!
Your fan and friend for always,
(Bubby's Sister)

Marcy k said...

You're so welcome! You have no idea how much your writing and life have inspired me.