Monday, July 04, 2011

Garden News

Forgive me for such a long pause since my last post.  I have been busy enjoying life!  (By the way, Happy 4th of July!  We celebrated last weekend in Kentucky with our family so I almost forgot today was the actual holiday)!  One aspect of life that I dearly enjoy is the garden, and our garden is doing very well this year.  I have had much loot from the flowers that I planted.  These flowers have resulted in endless smiles and bouquets for me.

These sunflowers just make me happy!  I have pitchers filled with happy sunflowers all over my house.

What other bounty from the garden are we enjoying?  Lots of zucchini and finally some yellow squash are showing up on our dinner table.  Our cucumbers are just starting to spit out one of life's finest summer treasures. (You can find one of my favorite ways to eat cucumbers here.   Just scan to the bottom of the post for the recipe).  We picked our first red cherry tomato last night.  Michael ate it, but he did find one more to share with me.  For just a minute, I was very unhappy with him.  Green onions are still abundant, and our okra is producing just a bit.  It hasn't  made enough for a meal yet, but soon enough we will have our fill of okra.  I also have baby cantaloupe along with  watermelon blooms.  Our green beans should be ready to pick some time this week.  The neighbor did share a 5 gallon bucket of his green beans so you can find me canning green beans this morning should you happen to need me.

And this will be my view from the stove...a beautiful  arrangement from our garden along with an English Mastiff thinking about her next adventure. 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Your flowers are beautiful, so glad to hear the garden is doing so well for you:) So nice to see that beautiful Missy again with a look of mischief about her, LOL!!! Happy Independence day!

Concetta said...

I remember your first venture with those precious zinnias - and the expectation of just what you are enjoying now! I can never look at a zinnia without thinking of you my dearest friend!
Love you!!