Monday, June 20, 2011

A Father's Day Letter to the Love of My Life

As I sat around yesterday and enjoyed the laughter of our children, I realized that these children are who they are because of the father that you have been to them.  You have a firm hand that comes with a soft heart. You know when to discipline, but you also know when to love.  You have a witty sense of humor that comes with many words of affirmation.  You have shown our boys what it is to be a man that isn't afraid to love.  You have shown our daughter what a husband and father should be.  That doesn't mean you are always right, but you surely know how to say "I'm sorry."  What is the best gift that a dad can give to his children?  To love their mother unconditionally, and you have done just that since the moment  we became one standing in my parent's backyard saying our wedding vows. How could I ever ask for anything more?

In all ways,
For always,
i love you


Concetta said...

Hello My Dearest Jules,
Something that is incredible is that I have known you the majority of my married life - I have seen many ups and downs - celebrations and heartbreaks - and through it all I have witnessed a love that lasts a lifetime and edures all things. You, my dear sweet friend, are an inspiration and it goes without saying how fond I am of that Bubby of mine. So glad we are on this journey together. I truly love you and your precious family!

Carmen S. said...

so sweet, a wonderful love letter to your hubby:)

TNfarmgirl said...

You and Michael have been a wonderful reflection of marriage done "right". It's an inspiration to, and your children, are truly blessed by this man.
Love to you all!

Unknown said...

i love toread these miraculous wonders of the Lord. thank you katy

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I am blessed.
grace and peace,