Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everyday Happenings

Finally, I am in the flower business.  My zinnias are blooming as well as my sunflowers.  I have fresh cut flowers in my house, and all seems right with the world once again!  Just ignore the fact that I have dirty dishes in my sink and my laundry hamper is overflowing.  On the up side of things, my kitchen table doesn't have folded clothes on it because I haven't done any laundry! 

With the encouragement of my fresh cut sunflowers and zinnias, I am heading downstairs to make chicken and dumplings, sweet potato casserole, and fried zucchini for supper.  Don't even bother to tell me that fried zucchini doesn't really go with that menu.  I already know that.  However, I did promise a certain 7 year old that we would eat it this evening for supper, and he has been literally watching the zucchini grow.  I can't disappoint him by not honoring my word. 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

OH YUM, LOVE fried zucchini!!! Glad you have flowers blooming:)

TNfarmgirl said...

Silly woman! Fried zucchini goes with EVERYTHING!