Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Creative Fun for a Summer Afternoon

Our daughter enjoys watching shows like Cake Boss.  She would love to decorate cakes someday.  She sits around and designs cakes in her free time.  What is a wanna be cake decorator to do when she can't find any fondant to use for practice?  Hope took play dough and made roses.  I was impressed with her creativity as well as her flowers.  I now have many play dough flowers sitting on my side table as decorations.  I was pleased with her success.

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Those are AWESOME! She did a really great job, they look so real!!!! I like "cake boss" too but for some reason it makes me SO hungry while watching it,not always a good thing LOL!

TNfarmgirl said...

Hope...those are amazing flowers! Julie...get that girl to a Wilton class!
Love you both,

Amy Ellen said...

I also enjoy Cake Boss, and loved Ace of Cakes.. She did a fantastic job on those flowers. Some 4-H groups offer a cake decorating group. Thats where I started a few years ago, ROFL.. ; )

Sharon said...

Awesome job, can you dry them to preserve them somehow. I know that theres some kind of flour mixture that you can make a playdough type stuff that can be dried in the oven that way she can use them for decorations on jars tops or whatever.