Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun At Fall Creek Falls

  Matthew and several of his friends came down this weekend for a visit.  We took all of them to Fall Creek Falls to spend the day.  Fall Creek Falls is my favorite Tennessee State Park.  Our family had been there about 7 years ago.  I was pregnant with our last child at the time.  My mom and dad brought their camper and we spent several days enjoying the beauty of the area.  Seven years ago I would never have dreamed that we would live close to Fall Creek Falls.

Here are some of the boys enjoying the waterfall.  It was cold, but apparently the water hits with a lot of force.  This was the reason for the faces!

Seth was mad because he had to play in the calm water instead of climbing up the rocks to the falls.  I promised him that in just a few blinks of the eye that he too would grow big enough to follow his older brothers.   He was still mad, but was willing to cool off in the water while waiting for the rest of them. 

We packed a picnic and grilled at the park.  Grilled hamburgers, chips, store bought desserts, and a large watermelon were all on the menu.  This was a spur of the moment trip so I wasn't able to make food ahead of time.  You know what?  It was nice not to have to make a whole bunch of homemade goodies to head out for the day.  It was kind of like a vacation day for me.  When we got  back home, my kitchen was still clean!If you ever get into this area of Tennessee, you must head out to Fall Creek Falls.  Trust is worth it!!! 

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Carmen S. said...

It sure looks like a beautiful place and I love the looks on those boys' faces, LOL!

Anonymous said...


idigpotatoes said...

thanks Julie, i read your blog from here in good ol' wisconsin but i went to college in Memphis and friends and i took at weekend trip to Fall Creek Falls, it is a beautiful park and i was glad to see it again.

WeekendFarmer said...

Hi there. Lovely blog. I was reading up on your fall gardening. How did it turn out? I am tempted to try something this fall given it just became bearable outside again (we are in NJ). Did you have some success with the cabbages?