Monday, December 08, 2008

Winter Farm Update

We have had so many fence issues over the past few months. About a month ago, after chasing sheep for over 4 hours from our neighbor's farm, Michael made a decision. He penned all the animals, except for the horses, in a very small pen off the side of our barn. We have never confined our animals in small quarters before now. He expected to have the first section of fence completed within a few weeks. What we didn't know was that two different sicknesses would hit our home and Michael would end up hurting his back! The animals stayed in the pen several weeks longer than expected, and the fence still isn't completed. On Friday, I spent the afternoon doing fence repairs to our backyard fence. Michael still wasn't able to be the muscles for the job due to his back. He was the brains and I was the brawn! I learned how to use a fence post remover and a fence post driver. He stayed with me and talked me through each one. It really wasn't that hard except for almost dropping the fence post driver on top of my head! In just a few short hours, our backyard fence was ready to house animals.
We understand it isn't the best thing to let 4 cows and 20 sheep have free range to a buffet of hay, but we really didn't have any other choices. We could have put the hay in the front yard where no other animals reside at the moment, but that is even a little too rednecky for me!

The animals are sure enjoying the opportunity to stretch their legs. They have enjoyed what little grass that they could find. The horses are still in the pasture. They don't mind as long as they get their bucket of feed and their own hay bale to munch on at their leisure.

Our children aren't allowed in the backyard while the animals are living out there. My daughter did complain about having cow patties in the backyard. She didn't think that was the proper backyard decoration! I can't imagine her thought process there!!! We aren't for sure how long the animals will be enjoying the yard area. It all depends on the fence building. I actually enjoy the animals in the backyard. I always have. I like being able to look out my kitchen window and seeing all the beautiful animals. I also like the fact that I know that it is much healthier for the animals to have a large area to roam instead of being penned up in a tiny space. I think Peter the Great would agree!!
grace and peace,


Almost empty nester said...

I wish i lived on a looks so peaceful, but i know its alot of hard work.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Julie, you are quite a wonderful help meet to get out there and build fences! Wish you were closer ~ I could use lessons!

Blessings & joy,

closer2667 said...

all you'll pray for me a husband (been single 28 yrs) and i too can live on a farm in tn with a peter the great and cow patties, yeah!!
in Christ love who always keeps us in perfect peace. Kay

TnFullQuiver said...

Almost Empty Nester,
I wouldn't trade all of the hard work of farm living for a nice condo anywhere. I love the life. I wouldn't mind a cleaning lady every now and then though!!

Before you go and think I am some kind of a wife saint, let me tell you I did whine about having to go out and help. Our older boys were going to be home later in the day and I voiced my opinion that they should be the ones out there helping. Michael just wanted to get it done, and I was the only one handy at the moment!!

I can pray for a husband for you. hey, and you can get more than just cow patties and a Peter the Great!!

grace and peace,