Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Proud Momma Moment

Matthew (#2) was awarded All-Conference this year in football. He was pretty pleased with himself. He had a great season, and we were proud of things that he accomplished in the game of football. He thought about playing football in college, but at this point he doesn't think he wants to make that commitment. He wants to finish high school and continue on with college. In the state of Tennessee, high school students are allowed to participate in dual enrollment. That means that they are allowed to take college courses at the local community college and that course counts for college credit as well as the high school credit. This has been a great incentive for him. He has enjoyed every college class that he has had, and he has worked hard to make good grades. We have watched him grow into a man before our eyes and we are pleased with the decisions that he is making.

When my children were all small, people would say just wait until they are teenagers. Well, there are days that the teenage thing is hard. I won't deny that. These older kids have their own opinions and are learning to carve their way into the world. Sometimes we have liked the path that they are on, and sometimes we have not. We have always tried to guide them back to where they are suppose to be with love and discipline. The walk with teenagers is a true walk of faith with the Lord. The first time Matthew pulled out of the driveway by himself driving a car was a very humble experience for me. I stood there looking at my child driving away realizing that I was helpless at that moment. If he made a mistake, I wasn't going to be there to grab the wheel or correct him. I almost panicked for a second, and then I realized that I had to trust the Lord with this child. Gone where the days that I would be with him every second of his life and instead I would have to trust the Lord to guide and direct his path. Some days it is easy and some days it isn't. However, it has been such a rewarding season in our life to watch this child grow into being a man and to have a close friendship with him. We still are the parents and our word is the final say, but we can enjoy the friendship that we have developed with him over the years. I am enjoying the next part of this journey with him, and I am thankful for the wonderful memories made.

grace and peace,

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