Saturday, May 05, 2012

Michael ordered our bees a few weeks ago.  They came in this lovely cardboard box that didn't allow any bees to escape during our drive home from Chattanooga.

After we arrived home, Michael and Seth went to put together the frames for the new hive.  This time around we only purchased one hive of bees.  We have enough equipment to run four hives, but we have learned not to get in over our heads.  We are taking the mistakes that we have made in the past and applying them to our life today.  We wanted to start out simple to get our feet wet again, so to speak.  One strong hive of bees will produce more than enough honey for our family and plenty to share with others.  When we did this "farm thing" in the past, we wanted to make money from it.  This time we want to produce for our own consumption.

If you know me, you know how much I despise the bees.  I don't mind them as long as they leave me alone.  However, they usually fly into my hair, which is probably due to the hairspray that I use.   All I have to do is keep the  bees out of my hair and Missy out of their hive.  Both of those things are easier said than done!

grace and peace,

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