Sunday, March 04, 2012

Spring Fever

Spring Fever has taken over my mind as of late.  I am ready to be outside and enjoy the beauty that the Lord has provided for us to enjoy.  Missy and I have ventured out for some walks.  I didn't intend to take her with me, but she didn't intend to be left behind.  I was afraid that a 2 mile jaunt may be more than she could handle, but she was willing and able.

I also have been stealing out to our front porch at any available opportunity.  I am ready to make it my sanctuary once again.  I have missed my quiet time listening to the birds and relaxing.  I am well aware of the fact that March seems to always provide a bit of uncertainty with the weather, but I am holding good thoughts for a beautiful spring to quickly come our way!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

I can't wait for spring either, then the end of June I'll be making another trip to HI to see the kids and my grandson:) LOVE the new header pic, just gorgeous!!!!

TnFullQuiver said...

I am sure you are ready for your trip! I finally found the problem with posting pictures on my blog. It had to do with my web browser. If I use mozilla fox, then I don't have any issues. YAYYYY!!!!!