Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Last Time

Recently our son's high school football team celebrated Senior Night. 

Then he took the field for the last time.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my freshman #28 and my senior #54 playing the game of football together.  There is something so special about watching my two boys play together and encourage each other.

 Josh, #54, had a wonderful football season.  I am pleased with all that he has accomplished on and off the field this past year.  I am pleased with the new coaching staff.  I am thankful for each and every one of the coaches that have poured into my boys' lives.  I am especially thankful for the one who took Josh under his wing when we first moved here.  That man really has no idea just how much of a difference he made ( and is still making)  in Joshua's life.  My heart will forever be grateful. 

I know many people do not value sports, but for our family sports has had a wonderful impact on each of our children.  Yes, the kids have learned how to play the game, but there has been so much more to it than just learning a game.  There has been the wonderful aspect of learning character and having the opportunity to apply that character when there is adversity.  Sometimes my children have missed the mark, and I am thankful for each coach that has been there to point them back in the right direction.  I am thankful that my children have had the opportunity to play a game and learn so much.

grace and peace,

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TNfarmgirl said...

It's so hard to believe that the little boy I knew (seems such a short time ago!) is such a grown up man now. And the babies we rocked together in the nursery - wow - they are looking us in the eyes today!

Miss and love you!