Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Time

This summer has been especially crazy for us with the move and new job.  However, other aspects of our summer have been all too quiet.  With no garden planted this year, my canner is still packed away in boxes.  This has freed a lot of time for me to unpack boxes.  Just for the record, I would rather be gardening and canning than moving! 

 What have we been doing to have a little fun during our summer?  We have enjoyed a wide range of friends and family visiting us at our home.  Summer is always a time for visits from out of town people and this summer has been no different.  In the above picture, Jacob was having a great time with our friends' girls from Texas.  This child followed him around the whole evening they were with us.  He loved it!

Before the move, the kids enjoyed lazy evenings playing on the trampoline.  We still haven't put it back together, but soon they can jump and scream until their little hearts desire once again.  We have also been enjoying the new lake in our area.  Swimming is great fun and it wards off the extreme heat that we have been enduring. 

The house is still coming together.  Michael has started unpacking boxes in his shop.  The shop will take several months to be put in order.  It is a jungle down there!  I am finding that I am enjoying the house more than I previously thought I would.  It is nice to have a house that is in need of no work.  I am enjoying keeping it clean.  I am back to making regular meals for our family to enjoy.  In between cooking, cleaning, and having fun, I am still unpacking boxes.  Perhaps by Thanksgiving there will be no more boxes to unpack!  Well, I am not holding my breath on that one!

grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys are settling in well! Cute pictures <3 *hugs*

Boysaplenty!! said...

And if you are like me, no one else can unpack those boxes but mom-especially the kitchen and laundry room, etc. Glad you are enjoying the new house! How is Missy taking all this moving business?

Anonymous said...