Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shh...I am Giving Out My Mom's Recipe

When I was growing up, my mom made an amazing meal called Shish Ka Bobs.  I loved this meal as a child, and I love it even more as an adult.  It is an easy way to take a few steaks and feed an entire family.  This is a splurge meal because the meat is expensive.  My mom used fillet Mignon steak, and that is the way I like it.  Why are my boys holding hands you ask?  Because we were ready to pray, but I was busy taking pictures.  What do you need to make this meal?  You really need skewers.  I got mine from mom, but in times past I have used the large wood skewers from Walmart.  Just remember to soak them in water before you use them to keep them from catching on fire.  You can thank me later for that little tip.  You will also need some sort of steak.  Fillet Mignon is the best because it is so tender, but you could use other cuts of your choosing.  You also need to have vegetables.  I use whole red potatoes, red, green, and yellow peppers, onions, and whole mushrooms.  You could add cherry tomatoes or corn on the cob pieces.  I don't, but do what you like.  After all, it is your creation to enjoy.

After you decide what veggies you like, you need to parboil some of them.  I parboil the potatoes.  In a separate pan, I parboil the green peppers and onions.  Parboiling is a simple step that ensures the veggies are done when you are grilling them.  It speeds up the grilling process.  Just cover the vegetables with water and boil just for a few minutes.  You don't want them done when you take them off the stove.  You just want to start the cooking process.  Drain the water off, and set the veggies aside until you are ready to grill.  I usually do this in the morning or early afternoon before I am going to grill them in the evening.  This allows the vegetables to cool before I have to handle them. 

When I am ready to grill, I cut the steaks up into bite size pieces.  I then thread the steaks and veggies on the skewers to prepare them to grill.

There is no magic way to thread the items on the skewers.  You can do it any way you want.  Just make sure you leave some space in between the meat pieces so they can cook well.  Here is the secret part.  Melt a stick of butter or half a stick if you aren't cooking for an army.  Add Worcestershire Sauce.  I add about a 1/4 of a cup, but if you are doing a half stick add less.  Add salt and pepper.  While the shish ka bobs are grilling, spread the butter mixture over the shish ka bobs.  I use a large brush.  Be careful because the butter mixture may cause your grill to flare.  Grill until the meat reaches the desired doneness that your family likes.  For my carnivores, it doesn't take very long for the meat cook.  They like their meat rare.  I like mine more done so I leave one on a little longer to cook.  You can serve them on the skewers or you can do what we do.  We take a large platter and slide all of the shish ka bobs off the skewers and let everyone choose what they want.  This would also be a great dinner party idea.  Ask your guests to bring enough steak for their family and a specific veggie.  Ask each guest to bring different vegetables so you have different things to cook on the shish ka bobs.  This would help alleviate the cost, and everybody could pitch in and thread the skewers.  Squash and zucchini would also be great on the shish ka bobs, but my mom never did that so I don't venture out and do it either.  There are some things that I am traditional about, and my shish ka bobs are one of them!  Do me a favor.  Don't tell my mom that I am giving out her secrets!

grace and peace,
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