Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Night to Remember

Yesterday evening I went outside with Michael to help unload the feed that he had purchased for the animals. First, we unloaded about a half a bale of hay into the hay ring. It was comical to see all the animals gathering around the feeder. They were very excited to see the hay and we couldn't throw it out of the trailer fast enough for them. By the time we were done, each of their noses and even their heads were covered with bits of hay.

Our sheep have come to like us. We still want to be able to "pet" them, but for now they follow us instead of running from us. As we were walking down to the chickens last night, the sheep followed us bleating the whole time. They can sound rather pitiful. I find the sheep to be very peaceful creatures. I think I will truly enjoy their presence here on our farm.

Our last stop last night was in the barn. The stars had already started twinkling and lighting up the night sky, and we still hadn't completed all of the evening chores. As we were working in the pig area, Michael asked me to find a long piece of string. He wanted to measure the pigs using the string to see how much they weighed at this time. I handed him the string and the fun began. The pigs thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. They reminded me of kittens that liked chasing string. Michael spent quite a while trying to "measure" the little porkers, but to no avail.

Finally we finished the work and play then we headed up to the house. As we walked together, the cold night air was heavy in our lungs. I was sad to see the chores come to an end. I was enjoying the crisp air, the night stars, and hearing my husband talk of more plans. For me, this is what dreams are made of.
grace and peace,

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TNfarmgirl said...

This was so precious it brought tears to my eyes!

On another note, you've been tagged! See my blog :)

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