Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Husband Pulled a Rabbit Out of His Hat

I have been teasing my husband for the last two days because all of the sudden he has been on a Bunny hunt for our daughter's Valentine Day gift. I have asked him several times when was he going to pull this rabbit out of his hat. I have even sent an email or two poking fun at him about this rabbit. I figured it would be hard to find a rabbit this time of year. After all, it isn't Easter or anything. He called me from work yesterday with an email address. He asked me to send an email to this woman in our local area who breeds rabbits. Her rabbits are show quality and they come with pedigrees and papers. (I had NO idea that people even showed rabbits). Who knew there were so many different types of rabbits in the world??? She takes the rabbits that aren't perfect for showing and sells them as pets at a much cheaper price. She emailed back and said she had 2 doe jr rabbits and sent us pictures of both. The one was exactly what I had hoped we could get our daughter. It is called Jr. Doe Blue. (It's not really blue, more like a smoky color). We will be meeting this woman and her rabbit either today or tomorrow.

I am amazed that Michael was able to locate one of these breeders right here in our area. I am amazed that she had the exact rabbit I would have chosen for our daughter in pet quality. (Remember that means cheaper)! I see the hand of the Lord in this. I know it sounds silly for some people, but my faith is built up when "coinicidences" like this just happen. I will post pictures when we have a bunny in hand!!

grace and peace,

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