Friday, February 08, 2008

Longing for Spring

The last few days have given us some beautiful weather. There has been a hint of spring like feeling in the air, and I am looking forward to what spring has to offer. I know it is still early in February so I am trying to hold back my thoughts in this area. However, I already see little sprigs of green grass making its way through the ground. I find myself wanting to take all of our winter home decorations down and store them away to be replaced with lighter spring things. I WILL wait because I know that winter is far from finished. I love winter, but this winter hasn't been much in our area. We haven't had any good snow for sledding. To be honest, we haven't had any snow much to speak of at all. In my mind the snow months should be behind us, but that isn't always the case here in our corner of the world. Often times late February and early March bring ground covered in snow. I even find I am ready for a change of menu. I am looking forward to fresh from the garden salad sitting next to a garden stir fry. Lemon Bars sound much more appetizing than Carrot Cake right now.

I have enjoyed watching 2 of our children playing by the pond with the sunshine beaming down on them. I know in a bit the temperature will drop and children will not want to be playing by water, but for today I will enjoy what God has given to me. I am also planning some time in my plants this afternoon. That is always a great cure for Spring Fever. I am amazed at how beautiful these plants have become. I think this is one of the greatest mysteries to me...taking a seed, planting it, and watching what it becomes. Perhaps this is why the Bible is full of parables concerning sowing and reaping.

The time has come to stop day dreaming about the days ahead and intsead get out and make some reality happen. I hear the cows calling for hay. Until spring has really come to our area, I must go and pitch some more hay for animals to eat.

grace and peace,

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