Friday, December 07, 2007

A Little Under the Weather

Several of our children have been dealing with a stomach bug. Seth had not been feeling well, and he left his blanket and pillow in the floor. It appears he left it on purpose so Missy could enjoy some down time. He must have thought she looked cold so he made sure to cover her up all snugly.
Here was the sight earlier in the day with Missy offering moral support to the sick little guy. O.k. perhaps it is the sick little guy offering a soft pillow to Missy, but either way it made a sweet picture.

This is the same day, but much later in the day. Seth told me that Missy made him feel much better. I think he just likes her being close by.
I spent much of my day that particular day holding Seth. He was content to let Missy snuggle him when I was unavailable. If I had to do it over again, I would have named her differently. I wish we had named her Nanna instead of Missy. Nanna would be more suitable because she acts as a nanny to our little guy. I believe pets are a valuable part of a child's growing up years. I am thankful that we have a home that can support a pet. I fuss a lot about Missy's hair getting onto our things. I spend countless hours vacuuming her hair from the floor. However, seeing pictures like this make me realize that a little hair is a small price to pay for a loving companion for our children.
grace and peace,

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Nancy - The Unlikely Homesteader said...

Oh that is just SO precious. I can totally relate to the hair issue. But oh my word, all those dogs want is to be loved and snuggled with!