Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

Here are just a few pictures of my favorite ornaments on our tree. When we lived in Florida, we had a very limited money supply. There just wasn't enough money to spend on tree ornaments. At that time my husband ran a cabinet shop so we had tools and plenty of wood. He decided to make ornaments for our tree. We took cookie cutters and drew the pattern on the wood. He then used a ban saw to cut them out. Our children sanded them to perfection, and then we painted the ornaments. Each child helped us paint, and they really enjoyed the project. Michael drilled a small hole at the top so that we could tie a small ribbon in the ornament. We made a stocking ornament for each person in our family. Our last child wasn't born until we moved to Tennessee. This year he realized that he didn't have a "sock" on the tree. I was desperate and didn't have any paint or extra stocking ornaments. I took a permanent marker and wrote his name in black on a bell ornament. For this year, it made him happy. I also had to purchase glitter and actually write his name in glitter on his real stocking. He was unhappy to see his stocking didn't have his name. He also realized he wasn't in the family picture that I have in our living room. This didn't make him happy either. I can purchase glitter and write his name on a stocking much easier than I can coordinate a family picture! I am sure we will have to have a new family picture made soon. One word of advice if you choose to make the wooden ornaments, paint both sides. It is frustrating when they get turned around on the Christmas tree and you are looking at unpainted wood instead of the pretty painted front!
grace and peace,
grace and peace,


Carla Lynne Klimuk said...

Hi Julie,

I completely understand about the young'un not having his own ornament and stocking. My youngest wants to know where her stocking is too! She was told by her older sister that she had to wait until her foot was bigger... that didn't fly too well...;-)

My favorite ornaments are the ones they make when they are little... in the shape of their little hands or with scribbled names on back... and oh, so proud of them. :-)

May the Lord continue to bless you and yours, Julie...

Carla Lynne

TnFullQuiver said...

Carla Lynn,
Isn't funny how one day the little guys just realize that something is missing!! I smiled when I read about your daughter and her stocking. I am sure she wasn't thrilled with the explanation of the older child.

I have really enjoyed your blog. I visit it often even though I haven't commented. I love camping with our family, but I am not for sure I would want to "camp" permanetly. I know a dear family who bought a 5th wheel and lived in it while they built their new home. It made all the difference in the money situation for them. May the Lord richly bless you in your endeavors.
grace and peace,