Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Day and Holiday Come to an End

For our family, the Christmas season has come to a close for this year. We have enjoyed 3 different Christmas celebrations this holiday season. We made a mad dash to Ky to share in our family celebrations there, and then back home to our own celebration Christmas morning. It has been an enjoyable December in our home, but it is time to get back to the productivity of normal everyday life. I am just thankful that the Lord remains with us 365 days a year. There are so many people who only think about the Lord during the month of December. I can't imagine life without having that intimate relationship with the Lord all year long.

I spent my day putting our home back in order. I took down the Christmas tree and cleaned the living room. I put the furniture back in its normal location, and I was quite pleased with the accomplishment. My daughter was a bit sad to see the tree go. For her, it is still the Christmas season because she is still on Christmas break. I have always taken the tree down on December 26th. It just seems like the thing to do in my mind. However, next year I think I will talk with the children and see what each of them prefer. I could leave it up a bit longer, but it must be down before New Year's Eve! I am flexible and willing to bend in some areas to make my children happy.

When we arrived back home from our Ky trip on Christmas Eve, we had a huge surprise on our kitchen counter. Tnfarmgirl had made us a huge basket of goodies and snacks. She had left an enormous meal in our frig. complete with homemade cookies and a pecan pie. I can't tell you how nice it was to walk into our home and have a meal already prepared. She had made me her wonderful salad with homemade Raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I had some of that for breakfast this morning! The basket was full of homemade soaps and salves and lip balms. She left a dozen of farm fresh eggs and even a chew toy for our dog. Wow, that is truly a friend. I felt so special with each and every item that I picked up out of that basket. It was a wonderful way to end a rough day of driving with an overstuffed suburban and a 160 pound English Mastiff!!! Thank you Cheri, from the bottom of my heart and my stomach!!!

My day has come to a close. I am tired, but very content. My heart is filled with thanksgiving to the Lord for all the blessings that He has given us over the last year. I stand in awe of all that He has done in our life.

grace and peace,


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TNfarmgirl said...

Salad...for breakfast?? Yech! :)