Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

I can hardly believe that Sunday is here again. It seems that just yesterday we were enjoying a quite Sunday! Many things have been tackled this past week in spite of Michael's long work hours. He did some car repair on both of our trucks. He has continued to work on removing the large tree out at the front of our house. I have been working along to get our home put in order for company that will be here over Thanksgiving. We even took Saturday for just a day of fun. Our zoo was hosting a free day, and we decided that our children would enjoy a day out as a family. We had a wonderful time. I was very thankful for a day to relax with everybody.

I have also started on my winter farm to do list. I find that taking time to plan in the winter is crucial for summer success in the garden. I spend many afternoons in the winter reading and researching for our upcoming garden. We are wanting to add at least 4 more raised bed over the winter months. I am sold on raised bed gardening. (Thanks Cheri)!!! I spent way less time this summer weeding than I ever had before. I was very happy with the production of the raised beds. I was able to plant in them by myself. By that I mean it wasn't back breaking work. Michael quickly tilled the bed for me, and then I was ready. Right now I have lettuce and collards growing in 2 of our beds. However, I planted the collards way too late. I am still hoping to reap some a little later.

grace and peace,

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