Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hope this note finds all of you doing well. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving week with all of our company. I am truly tired and thankful that our life is returning to normal once again. I slept for most of the day yesterday just trying to recover from loss sleep over the weekend. I am still very tired, but at least I am not sick and tired. I love having company, but there is something wonderful about returning to a normal schedule and a normal life with just our kids. We have returned to school this week, and will work for about 3 more weeks before the Christmas break. I try to get a lot accomplished in the next two weeks. We then take the last week before Christmas and enjoy a lot of Christmas crafts for school time. I think the weather may be cooling off a bit, and then will make me feel more like decorating for Christmas. It has been so beautiful here that I have not felt much at all like it is close to Christmas time. I enoy the Christmas holidays, but not near as much as I enjoy the Thanksgiving season.

Well, my house is still upside down from the weekend so I must go and get school back on track and clean the house.
grace and peace,

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