Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunflowers and Green Beans

I haven't posted much about our garden this year because I have been disheartened with it.  First, we were much later than usual getting it all planted.  I still have more corn and flowers to plant, so technically I am still not finished.  Second, we have grown a bumper crop of weeds.  I don't know how this has been possible, but we managed.  Also for the second year in a row I can't get my okra seed to germinate.  I have come to conclude that it must be me because I am now using seed from my neighbor.  His okra is thriving while mine has done nothing.  I have planted okra twice this year already, and I will be planting it again this week.  I don't have high hopes of seeing my own okra this year, but our neighbor is good to share his bounty with us.  Next year I will be starting my okra seed in my basement so I can watch it!

With all the negative talk out of the way, let me share the joys of the garden from this year.  I have sunflowers everywhere.  They are standing tall and proud in the first two rows of the garden.  I also have them in vases and containers all throughout the house.  They make me happy!  I also have zinnias in bloom and they too are poked here and there in pretty jars in our home. 

This year we planted bush beans because I wanted my green beans to come in all at the same time so I could can them in one fail swoop.  Oh boy, has that ever happened.  This past week we have picked 7 bushels of green beans from our garden.  I have spent so much time picking beans that the treadmill is starting to look pretty good to me right now!  Don't think it is just me picking these little treasures.  My kids, husband, and the neighbor children have joined in to help.  When we haven't been in the garden picking beans, we have been on the front porch breaking beans and drinking coffee.  If all goes well, I have one more day of canning ahead of me.

We are also enjoying green onions, zucchini, squash, peas, and lettuce from our garden.   We also planted 3 more small rows of pole beans so that we can have fresh green beans for eating all summer long.  I won't be canning these!

What have I learned from this year's garden?  Although it may not be perfect, I can still enjoy and use it.  I just have to step over the weeds from time to time.  Come to think of it, it is kind of like my life.

grace and peace,

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Carmen S. said...

WOW that's alot of beans,lol! I love sunflowers but they don't do too well for me, I did plant some zinnias and they are coming along, no flowers yet but I'm anxiously awaiting:) We have lettuce, kale, green onions and parsley ready for now (the parsley patch is mainly for our house rabbit she adores it!)