Friday, May 27, 2011

Keeping It Real

Do you ever get tired of looking at homemaking blogs and wondering if these people are real?  It is amazing what details can be left out of a photograph!  For those of you who may wonder about our family being real, here is a little proof...

You will almost always find clean laundry on our kitchen table.  This is the spot that I always fold our clothes.  If you come to our home and there isn't folded clothes on the table, either you had an invitation or I got up early that morning.  The other scenario is that I saw you coming down the driveway and I quickly grabbed the clothes and made a mad dash to throw them on top of the dryer.  If that is the case, the laundry room door will be closed!

Speaking of laundry, I found these this morning in our dirty clothes hamper.  I have no idea who owns this pair of underwear.  I have no idea how they ended up in our dirty clothes hamper.  I assume that one my children wore somebody else's underwear home, but again I am unsure of the reason why.  I don't think it was my husband who wore them home, but he did wake me up at 6:00 a.m. asking me if he had any clean underwear.  I directed him to the kitchen table.  Isn't that where everybody keeps their husband's underwear? 

And speaking of husband, I did a bad thing this morning.  I sent him to work in a shirt that was in desperate need of ironing.  I kind of sort of mentioned that it needed ironing, but I didn't say much more than that.  I figured he is a big boy with better eye sight than mine so he was responsible for his clothing decision.  It was only after I had my first cup of coffee that I felt a little guilty about his attire.

I always have dirty dishes in my sink.  If the sink is clean, we are expecting company.  The other real thing about our dishes is that if you come to our home you will probably be drinking out of a mason jar.  We don't have enough glasses!  It doesn't bother me because I like the ambiance of a mason jar.  I am weird like that.

This is the view of our back porch.  It looks like a bomb went off, but don't worry it is just the kid's stuff.  Most people enter our home from this area.  I try to keep it cleaned up, but those kids of ours haven't gotten that memo. 

The entryway to our home brings me to my next real point.  For the first time in our 20 year parenting career, Michael and I both went to asleep last night without knowing for sure that our teenager got home safely.  Well, this one isn't on me because I always fall asleep early.  Michael bolted out of bed this morning asking me if Josh got home.  I looked in the driveway and his car was there.  However, I have no idea what time Josh entered our home.  This is a little disconcerting to say the least. 

And speaking of kids, this picture is the perfect example of our 14 year old aggravating someone.  This particular time Jacob decided to steal Matthew's shoe and hide it on top of the playground equipment.  Jacob loves the fact that he out grew his older brother in height, and he reminds Matthew of it any chance he can get.

If you want to stop by our home, you are always welcomed.  Just be aware that we are real people, with real children, and a real dog that  sheds real dog hair.  And you will be served a glass of tea in a real mason jar!

grace and peace,


Sheatina said...

Very well written, Julie. I love your style!! This could very well be our home. It made me laugh out loud for real!!

Carmen S. said...

Julie, I would love to visit and have some tea in a mason jar, we use them too! I have never been comfortable going in someone's house that is neat as a pin and not a dish out of place, it just makes you afraid to even sit down! Now about those sugar daddy unders.......hmmmm, LOL!!!!! Enjoyed your post, have a wonderful day;)

Mountain Mama said...

I love drinking out of mason jars. I am headed over right now! (i wish) Thanks for being "real". I could relate to almost everything - except for the sugar daddy underwear. :-)

Jerry said...

i just may drop by maybe in couple of weeks. but i will need directions.


Amy Ellen said...

Love it! Ha, I often feel bad when looking at some of those blogs. Dont get me wrong they are lovely ladies and post beautiful things, but as a now single mom with 6 kids and working outside the house, plus doing cakes on the side for extra money when I am not working, and the occasional litter of puppies, I often feel so rotten when my house is not totally spotless. Some of these feelings come from the cranky ex, who just could not get it I could not do everything alone, so not all the "perfect" home makers. Thank you for posting that you are human too!! : )

bsadams said...

Oh, thank God!! I thought I was the only one who always, no matter how much I clean, has a lived in looking home lol! The 3 kids, hubby and Mastiff who live here with me do not see the need to have their things picked up, and our dog drags out more toys than the 4 year old...and by the way, my hubby's undies are stored in the dryer, lol!! I also love mason jars as drinking glasses but dear husband and son claim that it makes them dribble and they don't like them...yes, well
thanks for sharing, and I am soooo glad your back, I missed you :)

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