Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Happy Place

After being away from our home for five days, there are many things that need my attention. I have kept my hands busy, but as I was walking out to the garden yesterday I found my happy place. I went to the garden to gather lettuce for dinner. I saw a weed that needed pulling. Two hours later I was still pulling weeds. The funny thing was I had no idea how much time I had spent out in the garden. The time just flew by, and I enjoyed myself more than I could ever imagined. Does this mean I am getting old? I remember my Dad enjoying his garden. I thought that must be what you do when you are old. (That was my thought when I was 16). I pray that my 16 year old logic was flawed because if it isn't that must mean I AM getting OLD!!!

Today has been very productive in the garden. All of my beds have been weeded and spruced up a bit. Michael and sons built a new raised bed. I filled that bed with squash and zucchini plants that I grew from seeds in our "green house". I hope to get back outside to continue to work on planting a few more herbs, flowers, and lettuce plants. We still have the material to complete 5 more beds. I will post pictures soon.

Happy planting!!!
grace and peace,


EllaJac said...

After setting up the soaker hoses and carpet strips (weed mats!) I got a whole row of carrots planted today. *sigh*. My dining room looks like a jungle topped with tomato 'trees' - wind is my greatest garden enemy and I fear for their safety! And I've never had hens before, and these like to escape...
I look forward to your garden pictures!

TnFullQuiver said...


Thanks for sharing garden experiences. I smiled when I realized somebody else's dining room was covered with plants too. Wind is our greatest enemy here on our farm. I understand your pain there!! We had hens that liked to escape in the past, but they never really did much damage to the garden. I think they liked the red tomatoes the best. I WILL get those garden pictures posted soon.
grace and peace,