Sunday, March 18, 2007

Making Do With What We Have

As I said in my previous post, we inherited some seed starting trays when we purchased our house. They were intended to be used to start tobacco slips. The tobacco farmers build large raised"beds" that can hold water. The trays are floated in the water while the bed is covered with hoops and plastic. Our raised beds cannot hold water, and we haven't spent the time or money to add hoops. I was in need of a large container that could float the trays in Michael's shop while the seeds germinate. As I was looking around, I found two tubs used to mix grout when Michael did our tile in the kitchen. I had to cut my tray in half so that it would fit. I now have two floating trays! I will switch out my extra trays so that all of my seeds will stay damp. I found out earlier that dampness and heat are both important for seeds to germinate! (One year I floated these trays in our children's plastic sleds. These worked great, but we no longer have them. They later became pig troughs for our baby pigs). I also had a dilemma in how to label the seeds. I didn't want to spend the money on plastic markers to label our seeds. Instead I bought a large bag of Popsicle sticks from the craft store. I label the stick with the name of the plant as well as the date I planted the seeds. This has been a great way to keep things in order.
I am sure that the more I do this seed planting thing that I will come up with better ways to do things. For now, I am content to use what we have. We did get our order in from Heirloom Acres Seed Company. I was pleased with what I have used thus far. I have planted most of our herb seeds. Last Sunday afternoon, I planted broccoli seeds and cabbage seeds. Those are seen in the last 2 pictures. I am surprised at how quickly they have grown. Today I have planted many flower seeds. I will get pictures of them as soon as there is something to see.
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