Thursday, January 04, 2007

Planning for Our Garden

I have been busy lately perusing through our new garden catalogs. I love taking time to read all the descriptions, and to plan for next year's bounty. Every year after I receive the new catalogs in the mail, I spend several hours with pen in hand deciding on the must haves for the upcoming growing season. I have some tried and true favorites that are always in our garden, but I also like experimenting with some new varieties. Michael wants to try and save some our our own seeds this year so we will be growing many heirloom varieties.

One of my desires is to have a greenhouse. I have dreamed of the day when I too could have a oasis from the winter time cold with new seeds growing in my own greenhouse. As I have mentioned in many posts, our winds are horrific here in South Greene. I have lived through hurricanes that have done less damage than the winds here. Michael and I have talked long and hard about selling our farm due to the wind. There are certain things that we just can't have with this kind of wind...trampolines and greenhouses are two things that come to mind. After much prayer and consideration, we both agreed that we love our farm and we will just endure the wind. With this decision also comes the fact that I probably will never have a greenhouse. We have decided to make do with what we have. We are going to build a grow cart to start our plants indoors. We looked at several of these models in the magazines, but they cost well over $700. Now, I am sure we can do better than that if we build it our self! I will keep you posted on this project.

I love planning for our garden, but every year I let time slip through my fingers. Before I know it, I have usually missed the time for seed planting. This year I planted our collard greens WAY too late so we did not get to enjoy the wonderful greens on our table. TnFarmGirl has a wonderful calendar that really helps with this dilemma. She offers it on her website at . It is a calendar that tells you what you should be doing during each month. While looking through my new plant catalogs, I also pulled out her garden calender. What a wealth of information! If I will be diligent to read it, I should not miss any opportunities for planting! By the way she also includes recipes for her salsa (all ingredients from her garden), and my husband's favorite Basil Salad Dressing.

I am looking forward to the next garden season, but I have to admit that I really like the slow time of the winter months. I love reading the garden books while I am all curled up on our couch drinking a nice hot cup of coffee. Often times one of my younger children will curl up with me and start reading too. I enjoy this so VERY much.

grace and peace,

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