Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Three Fold Cord

Three Fold Cord

Hey ya'll. I am the other third of our Three Fold Cord. My name is Julie, and my husband Michael had this great idea to become a blogging couple. Well, I have been a bit slow to join in on his fun, but decided today that I would give it a try. I have so enjoyed reading everyone's blogs that I decided I would add my 2 cents worth today. I am also trying to avoid going back upstairs to finish spring cleaning the living room!!! I even cleaned out the cat box to stall for a bit more time.

I do not mind cleaning, but today there just seems to be so many other things that I would rather be doing. I am itching to get outside so I decided to clean out the fire place to use the ashes around our blueberry bushes. We are making many plans here on our little farm. We will be ordering fruit trees in the next few weeks. Michael and I have been pouring over different varieties and trying to decide which would work best here. We are also getting ready to add some raised beds to our garden. Actually, we moved our garden this year. The garden area was at the edge of our property close to the road. It was fine until our youngest turned 2 yrs old this past Friday. We decided that we wouldn't get much accomplished if we spent our time chasing him, so we moved our garden to the back yard. We put up fencing over the last few months to keep the horses out and the dog in the yard. That was a very l-o-n-g project, but we finally finished. Our goal is to add raised beds over the next few years, and eventually we will add a gazebo in the middle of the area. We are planting fruit trees in the area as well. I envision a place that is lush and beautiful with trees and flowers and beautiful raised beds. We have a plan that will take several years, but at least we are starting. I have a problem with patience, and I know the Lord is using this life style to work this out in my life.

Well, I must get back to schooling our children as well as finishing that living room! Hope you all have a blessed day!

grace and peace,

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TNfarmgirl said...

Hi Julie!
So glad to see you quit lurking :)