Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Interesting Article on Industrial Chicken Operations

I found this OpEd article in the LA Times very interesting. This is certainly a view point that does not get a lot of air time on the nightly news. But, as time goes by, I believe industrial ag will be exposed more and more as the culprit behind many disease problems in both humans and animals; both wild and domestic.

The Price of Cheap Chicken is Bird Flu
By Wendy Orent, WENDY ORENT is the author of "Plague: The Mysterious Past and Terrifying Future of the World's Most Dangerous Disease."March 12, 2006


Paul TN said...

Are you guys aware of the national animal identification system? I just received a bit of information on it today and am trying to find a way to get the work out to folks.

I have some of the information on my site ( with links to other sites with additional information.

Please check it out and help to pass the word along to other TN farmers.

Thanks - Paul TN

JenIG said...

That is an interesting article. thanks for posting it. My family is new to East TN; I am enjoying your blog.

The Bradshaws said...

Hi, folks!

Glad to see you all have some new posts; I've not checked by in awhile (trying to stay off the computer and be more attentive to the things of home) and found three new posts here!

I'm wondering now, re Julie's 3/14 post, just what the ashes do for the berry plants. Sounds vaguely familiar, but I sure don't recall what it is, if I've ever known.

Mary Susan (in southern middle TN)

TnFullQuiver said...

Mary Susan,
The wood ash is a good source of potash that can be returned to the soil. The drawback is that is will raise the pH of the soil somewhat which is not good for blue berries. We don't put too much on our berries and we counter it with sulfer and peat moss as well as allowing mulch to decompose around the plants.