Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Year in Review

 2012 started as a usual year finding Missy curled up sleeping on the couch.

 Winter quickly turned into spring, and Missy found her way to the pond to get some much needed exercise. 
 The spring also brought Jacob's first experience with high school baseball. 

 Spring also brought our first hive of bees to our home.  (I pray those little darlings are still alive because I sure would like some honey next year)!

 Easter came and went and our college son was able to come home and enjoy his Easter basket this year.  We also enjoyed our Easter dinner on the front porch with good friends and warm weather.

 May brought graduation for Josh and my first graduation ceremony as a teacher at Rhea County High School.
 May also brought Hope's 8th grade graduation!

 The summer brought heat and a drought.  Our garden started off wonderful and ended up in weeds.  This was probably the worst garden season that we have ever had.  On a high note, Josh brought this little darling home as a gift to his siblings.  Lynyrd has become Seth's best friend and a joy to us most of the time.
 August found our family saying good-bye to Josh.  We held a going away party complete with a cool Marine cake.  The night we left him to go into boot camp was one of the hardest things I have ever done as a parent.  August also brought a new school year for our family.  Jacob grew into a 10th grader, and Hope joined the high school as a freshman.  I started my 2nd year teaching at our high school.

 Joshua's boot camp months found us racing to the mailbox hoping to find word from him.  We got his first letter on a Friday night.  After the football game, we gave the letter to Jacob and Nick to read right there on the football field.
 September brought Hope's 14 birthday.  I know it is cliche, but it seems just like yesterday when she was a baby!
 November found us in South Carolina celebrating our new Marine's graduation.  Seth missed Josh so much while he was gone, and Josh missed Seth's first year of football.
 I knew what it was like being the wife of a military man, and now I know what it is like being the mom of a military man.
 Jacob enjoyed time away from school while we vacationed in South Carolina!  He also enjoyed being with his brothers.
 We even brought this special someone and her family with us to celebrate our Marine. 

 We took some time for family pictures while we were away.  I guess it is only right that we now have a family picture that includes Seth.  It only took us 8 years!
 When we arrived back home, our neighbor had decorated our home and farm gate welcoming us back.  I cried when I saw the huge sign for Josh hanging on our gate.  This year was Seth's first year of deer hunting with his dad. 

 Josh was able to watch Hope play a basketball game while he was home.  Thanksgiving came and went in a whirlwind with Josh home a few days before the holiday.  We celebrated  and then said good-bye once again.
 Only three of our children were home to decorate the tree this year.  We had to go to extreme measures this year to hang the star because the tree was so tall. 

 The middle of December brought Jacob's 16th birthday.  Matthew and Chelsea came and surprised him for his special day.  We now have our 3rd child driver in the family.  I am thankful that I got a job!  Insurance rates are outrageous!!!!

Lynyrd has grown into a member of our family, and I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings to our home.  

grace and peace,


Melissa Bailey said...

I miss this family so very much. Thank you for having a blog so I can keep up with what is going on in your lives :) I pray this year is wonderfully blessed for your family. Love you!!

Carmen S. said...

A very busy year and great pics of you all, have missed seeing the glorious Missy and Lynyrd is adorable♥ Your Marine will be in my prayers and please Thank him for his service for me! We are hearing our son may be deploying this summer, not something I am looking forward to:(

Bernice said...

Thanks for the update on your wonderful family, especially Missy:)
Looks like you had a wonderful year, Thank your son for the service he will be giving our country.
Lynyrd is darling, but my heart belongs to Missy:)
Thanks for posting again, hope to see more:)