Saturday, October 08, 2011

Hope's Concern

Hope came home yesterday evening from basketball practice and opened the refrigerator to get something to drink.  As she stood in front of the open door, she looked confused.  She then said, "What's wrong with the refrigerator?"   I asked her to explain what she meant, and she responded, "There is nothing in here.  It is just empty and clean!"   This pretty much sums up my pantry as well as my refrigerator.  However, my canning pantry is stocked full to the brim with garden produce.  Somehow my kids don't want to snack on canned jalapenos!

This all leads to my morning be full of grocery planning and shopping.  I have been putting this one off for as long as possible, but alas we have no more meat in the house.  There isn't even a morsel of chicken because the last three meals have consisted of chicken.  My husband was gracious about it last night, but not happy since chicken isn't one of his favorites.  He tolerates it, but that is about all.  It was a good thing that I had a pan of homemade yeast rolls on the table!

Well, I am off to spend more money than I would like at the grocery store.  On the up side of things, maybe Hope won't be worried about the refrigerator once it is full again!

grace and peace,

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Carmen S. said...

Have fun shopping and enjoy your weekend:)