Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

We did finally get some snow this year. Here is a picture from our back deck of the snow. We truly love East Tenn., but it doesn't snow enough here for us. Michael and I lived in Upstate New York for 4 years, and we had so much fun during the winter there. However, by the time March was rolling around we were TIRED of the snow. It was looking pretty tired at that point due to the fact that it was always dirty. I use to go to the grocery store and buy one tulip flower at a time so I could enjoy a glimpse of spring while I was working in the kitchen. (Enough of walking down memory lane for now).
We truly enjoy being outdoors during a beautiful snow. We are planning a sledding trip this afternoon as soon our son gets back from snow boarding with some of his close by friends. We have already enjoyed the snow a bit this morning, but I was ready to get back into a warm house.
Due to the weather, our church was cancelled this morning. We were able to enjoy some leisure time enjoying homemade sticky buns, hot coffee, and hot coco. We have also been enjoying some shop time as well. Michael has installed one of my panels in the kitchen. He is working on two more as well as completing the shelves that hang on the pantry doors. I would be putting the finish on these pieces already, but our polyurethane has gone bad. This will require a trip to town so it won't happen today. I have also spent some time working on my seeds. Note to seed growers: make sure YOU water them yourself several times a day to keep them moist. If you use small laborers (such as eager or uneager children), you should at least check on their work. Our seeds haven't been watered as I had thought. We are still working with them, but not quite for sure how things will grow. Our shop is colder than usual now due to the extreme cold weather. We have a kerosene heater that we run in there when we are working if we need extra heat. I was tempted to leave it on all the time so the seeds would stay warmer, but after hearing in the news of so many house fires that claimed the lives of entire families we decided against it. It just isn't worth taking a chance. This reminds me we should all be diligent to check our fire alarms during this season. We all have them thinking we are protected, but if the batteries aren't working we are living with a false sense of security.
I got to run.....Michael just carried a pantry shelf up to the kitchen to install!!!!!! YEE-HAW!!!!
grace and peace,

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