Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Enjoyable Weekend for the Most Part

We had a very wonderful weekend. It could have been more productive, but sometimes you just need to catch your breath. We did that very thing this weekend. My honey do list is still there, but we enjoyed ourselves and our family.

My father had died last summer, and we were given his fishing boat. We just made a trip to Ky. to get the boat over the Easter weekend. Michael finally took the time on Saturday to work on it a bit. This boat was something that both my Dad and my husband enjoyed working on together. It means a lot to Michael to have it and share it with his own children.

I guess I am still in shock and disbelief, and my brother even stated that I needed my head examined for what we did on Saturday morning. The phone rang while I was making breakfast, and it was our neighbor. She had raised a litter of English Mastiff puppies, and she was wondering if we would be interested. She offered us a great deal, but at that point I wasn't sold. I REALLY DID NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE TO CARE FOR. I am a busy mother, and a puppy wasn't in the plans. However, 4 of my 5 children overheard the conversation. They B-E-G-G-E-D me. They even went to the ploy of stating the dog could be their combined Christmas present. I was suckered to the max! We went and picked our "little" puppy up Saturday. She is as cute as a button. This breed tends to be a bit on the lazy side. That was the only reason I consented! I will have Michael post pictures of her soon. She is turning out great, but it is still early. The children named her Missy, and I am saying "No, Missy" at least a hundred times a day!

The only glitch in the weekend was that Michael dropped some part of a tractor on his middle finger. He was tilling the large garden spot, and the tiller wasn't going deep enough so he went to adjust it. The cotter pin (I am not for sure about that spelling) rammed into his finger. We ended up going to the emergency room. UGHHH...he got 7 stitches and a shot. It is a nasty puncture type cut, but it hasn't slowed him down too much.

Since he took the time and donated his finger to till the large garden, I decided I should just quietly go plant my flowers over there. I did just that today. I planted quite a few flowers for cutting. I also planted our first large batch of corn. The real problem for me in this garden area is that our 4 hives of bees are over there. Now I know bees are suppose to be all busy with other things, but I tend to attract them. I managed to get a bee sting this WINTER. Our whole garden area will be filled with bees!! Oh well, maybe next year I can plant my flowers in one of my beautiful raised beds away from all the bees!

grace and peace,

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